Monday, August 7, 2017

A Month's Worth of Highlights

July 21 - August 7, 2017
Goat Head--we call him Smiley

A former investigator got baptized

Showing some kids some gospel art pics in front of my flat

My thumb is healing nicely

YSA Activity

This little cute

Joe's Beer House---Kudu, Oryx, Springbok & Zebra

Capanas---a meat market we went to

On our way to the Namibia National Museum

A great view of Windhoek

Inside the museum

Editor's Note: I have been terrible about getting Jackson's letters out to everyone.  Here are some highlights from the last month.

  • Transfer news came in and I will stay in Namibia another 6 weeks. Which I am happy about. 
  • Nanale (Pres. daughter) was baptized. 
  • We found a new family which I am excited for.
  • Two of our investigators were kicked out of their renting place partly because of them meeting with us. The Relief Society are in the process of helping them with housing as we speak so don't worry too much. 
  • Yesterday I had milo cereal for breakfast (Cocoa Puffs)
  • We had a missionary activity this week where the YSAs were to invite friends to a dinner where we would share a spiritual thought and play get-to-know you games. It went way well! We have a few new investigators from it. 
  • Our Mission President's counselor, President Swartbooi, always feeds us after church. His wife made lasagna. 
  • Mission is great! 
  • We ate at this SWEEET place called Joe's Beer House where I got to eat Kudu, Zebra, Oryx, and Springbok. They all tasted sooo nice!!
  • Sundays are slow. We have church from 1-4. I used to teach Gospel Principles quite often, but then the branch missionaries stepped up which is good. 
  •  I have only gone on splits once on my mission so far. Generally I conduct exchanges once a transfer though. 
  • I ate goat brain and an eyeball this week. On a real note it wasn't bad. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Last Few Weeks

June 26 - July 10, 2017  

Look familiar?

Birds of a feather....

She came in during a lesson and just sat down with her magazine

President's wife baptism

Baptism of Joseph from Windhoek

Editor's Note:  I took this off my weather app.  They have even more extreme temperature swings than Las Vegas!!  

Shout out to Maddie in Ecuador.

Sharifa's baptism

Our tribute for the  4th of July!!  

Lion King -- Circle of Life


Dear Mom, Dad and Coop,

The Branch President's wife was baptized! His daughter will be soon with her two sons so cross your fingers! And with president's wife, she had not been interested for years. Area 70s would come over and talk to her but she was just not interested. Until April 2nd then her and her daughter (who we will put on date this week) went to General Conference at the chapel. She was then interested, and started reading the Book of Mormon. Said she wanted to be baptized, so we taught her all the lessons and the rest is history.   I am really truly happy . I am so happy I came on mission.  Also,  I will be in Namibia until  mid September and it is a good possibility I go to Botswana next.  

I got a little cut on my thumb this week. I was doing a Bruce Lee move on a piece of wood. I totally broke the wood though.  I had a good week. I went on exchanges with Elder Reber (my Zone Leader) to Katutura this week as well. It was a good refresher. I also got to speak to my buddy Elder Hafen. Sharifa was baptized. We also have Zone Conference. President will be coming up. I'll let you know how it goes!

Your Son/Bro

I googled Katutura and this little blurb popped up "Katutura (Otjiherero for The place where people do not want to live) is a township of Windhoek, Khomas Region, Namibia. Katutura was created in 1961 following the forced removal of Windhoek's black population from the Old Location, which afterwards was developed into the suburb Hochland Park." I also attached a picture.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

At Least He Writes.....

 Lorraine's Baptism

A gecko that I caught

The Elder on the far left trained all of us
(left to right: oldest to youngest on the mission)


A little 125 cc bike.  (I didn't ride it)

My new comp is the one right in front

Fishy kisses

June 12, 2017

Dear Family, 
Good news!  Lorraine was interviewed by President and was baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday.  Transfers happen tomorrow.  Six  Elders flew out this morning which means I'll be one of six  missionaries in Namibia for a few days. I will be getting a new companion.   I got to drive out to the airport today and got to see some more baboons.   

Your Son

June 19, 2017 

It has been a good week. I look forward to this coming week. We have another scheduled baptism for this Saturday. It is the Branch President's wife... He is over the moon about it too. His eldest daughter is close as well! 

As for me, I'm  fine. I have a smaller district to watch over. have a completely new district. They divided the last one so now it is only four Elders, two of which are new to Namibia.  I am gonna give it my best. I love the Lord, that's oft times my greatest source of motivation. 

Your Son

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Missionary of Few Words

A gecko I caught the other day. I could feel his grippy hands like duct tape. 

 We got our cars!

 Look familiar? They are a traditional food here. 

A typical breakfast for me.

 My favorite bakkie--A toyota Land Cruiser LX V8 twin cab!
Editor's Note:  A Bakkie is a utility or delivery vehicle

An AMERICAN meal!!

May 22 & 29, 2017

Dear Family, 
 We had a great week this week! Found some new investigators that seem promising and we received the cars! I am so excited to see our other family progressing and growing. I feel privileged to be a part of all of it.  And about the Book of Mormon. It was actually what I decided to do District meeting on a few weeks ago. We focus on the book of Mormon after we teach to Restoration. Simply because if they  know it to be true, everything else falls into place. It is a wonderful book. We try to give a reading assignment each visit. 

Your Son

 June 5, 2017

Dear Family,
I have had such a good week. I have a testimony of Fasting! We had such a cool experience. An Elder lost his passport a long time ago. We all fasted that he would find it.  That evening some members they visited found it in there car! AND I was fasting for an investigator that has been having some struggles. We were finally able to meet with her and it went great! She still want to be baptized! I also went on exchanges with the Elders in my district this week and it also went great! I will send some pics. I am loving my mission right now. I have virtually no complaints. I am so happy!  I want to get more pics with people to send home. I will try to do that this week.

Your Son